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Some of us



Some not

Some don’t know the meaning of the word

Tribes died if one didn’t contribute

Some claim to

Wave the flag high

Sometimes I’m tribal

Then I think

Hey man, you aren’t carrying your weight

I’m cool with that…for a time

Then I think

Well hell comrade pick up a dish; read a book.

Then the tribe next door thinks

Hey my dishes are more important than yours

It’s a mad monster party

With no music

I scratch my head and wonder

What am I doing wrong

When I’m doing everything asked of me…

By the tribe

Oh fuck off

With your tribal ways

Just stop clinging

Cut it out already

You’re just acting silly

Come on

No really


Tribes cling to their ideals (yours don’t matter)

Scalp their families

Scalp their friends

Scalp themselves




Starts over again.

It’s embarrassing how people never learn.

I prefer the word: team.