14 thoughts on “Why?”

  1. Wow………a breath of fresh…….thoughts!

  2. Hola. I selected you to receive the Versatile Blogger Award. If you want to accept click on the link below to see your to do list 😉


  3. Hello blogging friend – I notice you are taking an hiatus from posting, however, I am still nominating you for ‘The Very Inspiring Blog Award’ so expect some visitors. No pressure, just want folks to know that you are here and worth reading. See my latest Award blog for details. Hope all is well – cheers, John

  4. Taking Care said:

    Thank you for your knowledge and generosity in sharing your
    experiences with narcissists. In my last relationship, I couldn’t
    quite put my finger on it but there was something not quite right,
    something too good to be true. He was cunning in his wooing and
    manipulations. He studied me and morphed into the man of my dreams,
    always ‘on’ and with a ‘false front’ – even portraying himself as
    the super nice guy and the hero. Whenever I requested truth,
    honesty, or vulnerability, he disappeared. And why was I so
    attached? Aware of his shallowness and his methods and yet I
    couldn’t detach. It was an unequal relationship bound by
    intermittent reward, which is stronger and more addictive than any
    other kind of reinforcement. I was hooked. I excused. I
    rationalized. Thank you. Your writings have been illuminating and
    cathartic, and I am deeply grateful.

    • I find narcissism and denial incredibly fascinating and disturbing all at once. But it isn’t as hard as we think to unmask a narcissist. All one has to do is disagree with them and voila! the mask is gone. I’m glad my ramblings have helped you in some way.

      • Taking Care said:

        Ah yes, but this one was so cunning, so manipulative that with the discipline of the athlete he once was, he never showed the narc rage. In my presence, he played the nice guy….the hero….the guy everybody loves. But I discovered that when I wasn’t around, he was a different person and actually bullied and used sarcasm. So subtle and so caustic….

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