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Winter drops like a first time bowler gutter ball

He said

I replied that Winter drops like a curtain at the end of vaudeville

He scoffed, slammed his drink on the table and said

Winter drops like a rollercoaster

I said that’s weak my friend

Winter drops in drips in California

It sneaks up behind you like a stalker

It’s a trickster

You smell it before it arrives

But you doubt yourself

I’m half mad you think

All those other states say we have no seasons

But wait- you know it does because winter drops like the last piece of

Nanas China

Smashes into you like a bumper car and then it’s gone

His slumped body told me it was past last call

He hadn’t heard a word I’d said

I left him there

Face sticking to the bar where someone used the wrong varnish

The bartenders knew what to do with the poor sap

I stumbled home

Looking over my shoulder

Hearing the wind

Smelling snow

Waiting for rain

A sign…