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Are you are parent who can not afford a baseball glove for your child? How about a softball or hardball? Sweatshirt? Football? Soccer ballBrand new tennis balls? May I suggest a stroll in your neighborhood park after a glorious weekend of sunshine? Perhaps a visit to a fancier park outside of your neighborhood would be better. A park with a baseball field that looks as though the Dodgers are about to play. One can find all kinds of items left behind, and trust me, nobody takes them to a “Lost & Found”, parents do not return looking for that expensive mitt, water bottle, sweatshirt, t-shirt, bat, cap or ball.

One should come prepared though. Walk someones dog but have a backpack with treats and poop bags to back up your story, or borrow someones child with a stroller so you can carry things out without looking conspicuous. A homeless person will do it if you don’t and nobody will stop a homeless person now will they?

Just a suggestion for those scraping by.