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Field of Dreams (Dubuque County, Iowa)

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With the opening of Little League season I suppose the Baseball Association in my neighborhood is quite proud of “their” new field.  It is glistening with fresh grass, bright green, with perfect blades all in a row.  Of course if it is not open, you have to look at it through a chain link fence; a chain link fence that looks like it should protect a penitentiary but goes swimmingly with the hideous “new” gym, and unused skateboard ramps (honestly someone should steal those).  I know the supposed reasons for the fence (dogs disguised as teenagers), and the amount of money put into the field. The irony is that I’m told (by a former professional baseball player) that baseball players do the most damage to a field.

I recognize the change in this old Los Angeles neighborhood with great sadness.  Having been born and raised here I’ve seen it go from a true village to a place filled with the new breed of entitled rich.  How is it possible to live in a town filled with families whose children play baseball, but also families that own dogs…with nowhere to let them run around and play? If you know from where I speak, please do no rebut with “there is the front of the park”, that is just insulting.

Where is the sign that says “BASEBALL ONLY”?

Last Sunday I walked a dog along the outside of the field and came across a man and his son playing catch OUTSIDE the field because the gates were locked. What a depressing sight. To add to my dismay, this morning I watched a boy run up to the field with his glider in hand only to find a locked gate. These kinds of sights would be poetic if they were fictional, but they are not.

If you watch the news and see what is going on in the rest of the world, and recognize how fortunate some of us are to live in this town it is truly disgusting to see how people use their money (because they have it) to decide where and when people can walk their dogs or play on a baseball field that was once, for over 60 years OPEN to the public.

By the way, you will never keep teenagers off of a field, and putting up a fence only makes it a better challenge…but oh dear, how will you keep the squirrels out?

I certainly give credit to the diehard locals who go to the field with bolt cutters in hand. If  (and when) camera’s are installed I might even provide them with a presidential mask or two.

Shame on you (whoever you are), and shame on the psycho who put the rat poison in the (once public) lower park; and welcome to the Brave New World!

PS. I wonder if it is true that the baseball field (arrogantly dubbed “Field Of Dreams”) will be closed on Thanksgiving Day? Does this mean it will be closed on major holidays? I think I will ask Phil Alden Robinson what he thinks of our baseball field.

Build it and they can’t come because there is a fence!