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I’m sort of dating myself here by discussing Walter Pigeon even though I graduated high school the year he died, but I have a thing about him. Well it isn’t a lust thing; it’s a daddy issue (as my brother would say). He had this warm but strong and loving way about him (not in Forbidden Planet), like Frederic March in The Best Years Of Our Lives.  Actually this isn’t about them at all but more about dinners in movies, or scenes in movies where the characters are eating. Whatever. I liked the old black and white films when people are eating or drinking. Even beer looks better in an old movie (to me) and don’t get me started on how cakes look!  Let’s say its an Andy Hardy movie with that maniac Mickey Rooney… whenever the family sits to dinner there is a full roast on the table, everyone is drinking milk and passing the mashed potatoes. Most of the time I miss the dialogue because I’m looking at the food. I don’t know why.

Maybe it’s a family dinner issue.  Our family dinners as a child were like a minefield; if you displeased the dictator at the head of the table you might lose a leg.  Once our leader was put into exile we stopped eating at the table for a long time, only referring to it as The War Room as we passed with food to the den.  As we got older and my sister picked up more and more strays from Europe, we started using it again, but God forbid we mixed the Italians with the French; the yelling and screaming would start; but at least it was funny.

My American friends don’t have many dinner parties and when they do, they are very contrived and uncomfortable. Again, I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because seeing every one of my friends seated at one table makes me realize how boring some people can be? As individuals they might be great but some big personalities have a way of canceling each other out.  If this is the case, my siblings and I usually become the life of the party or target practice for anyone who doesn’t have a sense of humor. And don’t try and “shush” us, it will only bring more irreverence your way.

So I like the look of a whiskey being ordered by Humphrey Bogart, love Myrna Loy’s face sipping a martini and can’t get enough of the Hardy family eating dinner; just another one of my idiosyncrasies.

This was/is a topic from that List Found last year.  When I’ve nothing of importance to say, I will refer to it.