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Some days I feel terribly old and others I feel as though I’m 20. Hormones. (This is where I lose the dudes.)

I’m not yet menopausal but I’ve finally learned that it’s all kinda hideous and great. The great part is recognizing the cause. Just because it is hormonal does not make the pain less nor does it diminish the joy. I immerse myself and then let it pass over me, like just another blade of seagrass waving back and forth, to and fro. It’s that whole Lao Tse (?) philosophy of being able to bend like a reed in the wind. Harder to practice than one hopes. In all the Tao, Buddhist, Catholic or any spiritual readings I’ve come across, nobody ever talks about hormones. Probably because most religions are controlled by men. This is not a criticism, it is just an observation. Male yogi’s are a bit better about showing compassion to what happens to a woman’s body but lets face it, even that’s a stretch. (no pun intended) I will say that learning how to breathe (meditate) makes all the difference.

One has to be aware of what is happening to the body, that which is beyond your control, so as not to be crushed by emotion. For it (emotion) will crush your delicate blade under its calloused feet; smashing your will down into the sand, enjoying your soft body giving into its weight. It’s getting unstuck from the thickness and stickiness of the marsh (Life) that is so tough. Sometimes the more you fight it the more immovable you become.

Caught up in a hormonal high (or low), Life is one giant wetland, occasionally a bog, and sometimes a desert, where there is room for contemplation; one can’t avoid it. That’s why the desert is an acquired taste; you can run but you can not hide.

I’m just another wave, part of one ocean. Heck sometimes I’m a Joshua Tree, my body an aquifer.

Is my giddiness hormonal or perhaps it was that second cup of tea?

Be gentle with your self.