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As you lay your head on a pillow
To sleep
Or go about your day in the usual way
A deep rooted pain
Shocks your central nervous system
Rising up through your belly
Diving down from your chest
An abstraction called
Engulfs your entire being
Like you’ve been buried alive
Like the nausea of a broken bone
You are aware there is no real escape
And then
It passes
As quickly as it descended

So I say yawn audibly
Perhaps not in public
Sing with your yawn
Who cares who hears
At home (unless you wake them)
Let it ground you
A yawn validates!
For unlike like Tigger
In loneliness
You are not the only one.

Yawn with a song
Let it start in the bellows
Like a pranayama musical.
We are all an operatic drama
Bursting at the seams
Running around like lunatics
Trying to find the antidote
For being human.

There is none
So relax
Take a deep breath…