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Open Letter To The Married/Divorced With Or Without Children (beware, I’m mad):

Some of you 
are bigoted, cruel and ignorant.

Some of you seem to think that because you have been married and have had children that you are superior to those that have not. Quietly you believe that you know something that the single and childless do not. It never occurs to you that you know nothing. It never occurs to you that perhaps someone who has NOT experienced what you have experienced may know more. Why?

What makes people believe that they are better because they are married? Even the divorced seem to think they know something the never-married do not. But the absolute worse are the offenders with children.

Please Pay attention because most sophisticated, compassionate and loving people already understand this: just because you had children does not make you a mother or a father. Biologically and physically, yes it does. Emotionally it does not. You are NOT more responsible, more loving, supportive or capable. You are not superior to those who have no children and the fact that you have ever thought it or said it should bring you a certain amount of shame…in my humble, never married, childless opinion.

For some reason this topic can make the brilliant and kind, idiotic and cruel. It is merely a way to deflect just how frail, inept, fallible, and HUMAN you are. You are far from perfect because you are human so find some other material to back your ludicrous arguments. Did it never occur to you that we the unmarried and childless were put on this earth to protect your sorry asses? More importantly, protect your children?

I’ve cared for your children from babies to adults and you have made terrible, irreparable mistakes. Yes, you. No you aren’t a bad person, you are bigoted and you are blind and you have no empathy. But you can change this and you can apologize. Especially to women. Seriously are you that callous that it never occurred to you that your friend, male or female, wanted to be married or have children? Why do you feel superior because you did? Remember, I’ve seen your damaged children and held your hands through your divorces. This is life my friends and everyone has a different path. Yours isn’t necessarily better. YOU are not better, stronger, faster…(insert The Six Million Dollar Man music)

This is harsh I know, but I’ve just about had it with the holier than thou crap out of my married/divorced friends. Maybe its just the people I’ve been around that is the problem, I don’t know anymore. I just can’t get over how narcissistic people are these days. Truly blind with how self-involved they are.

I will say it again; Life is NOT a competition even though popular culture tries to convince you otherwise. It is a game of survival for sure but we can at least be kind about it. Last I looked, we are not insects…although after my day today I’m beginning to think otherwise.

So shame on you. You know who you are because when you read this it strikes a deep chord…and it isn’t just one of you is it? It is many, many of you.

In fairness I will give you this; NO I don’t know what it is like to give birth. This is a unique and special thing and I bow before it. But some of you should have your children ripped from your arms the moment the child breathed air. And for that matter you shouldn’t even have a drivers license.

Good night and thanks everybody! I’ll be here all week!!