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The other night I found a crashed (personal?) drone on my front lawn. photo

It took me a while (in the dark) to figure out what was on the grass. At first I thought it was a dog toy that had been disemboweled – but none of their toys are that big or have metal parts. Finally, when it dawned on me what it was, I kicked it and swore like a truck driver. My anger surprised me.

Of course that anger was just fear. It was an alien thing on my property and all the implications that came with it. Let’s begin with the basics; it could have severely hurt someone (me!) or my dogs…or anyone visiting. Was it recording me? Was there a camera attached? Did it belong to some spoiled brat in the neighborhood? Perhaps some perv? One of my stalkers? Or worse?

I can err on the paranoid side but I am not embarrassed to say so. My intuition has saved me more than once and I know what evil lurks out there in the dark. No, one cannot walk around scared all the time, what joy is there in that? But to blindly ignore what is happening in our society is just plain ignorant.

In my panic I took to social media – mostly to verify what this object was. Then I started searching online what the “crashed drone” etiquette was. Frighteningly there were more articles online defending the owners of crashed drones. One article goes on about a high school student who was just doing a project for a college application and his drone crashed into a neighbors back yard. His dad coming to his defense. I’m sorry but if you are photographing me in my back yard napping or whatever, is there no law against this? Is there truly no privacy anymore? Why is anyone flying their personal drone in a small neighborhood at night?

Look I don’t want to get into a battle with anyone, in fact I just want to be left alone to write, paint, nap, cry, eat and whatever else I want to do without prying eyes. It’s getting harder and harder to do, isn’t it?

By the way, it would not bother me in the least if it were a LAPD drone. Why? Because I’ve nothing to hide and if it’s used for safety reasons, Homeland Security and the like, have at it. Again, I’m well aware of what evil lurks out there in this cozy hamlet of mine.

In the end I called the cops on a non-emergency line. The female fuzz I spoke to had to pause a moment to even understand what the heck I was talking about. She said she could send a car out but it was the weekend, busy times for real crimes. And I fully understood this. But the dogs barked and barked and it was just plain creepy having this thing in the house. Yes, I brought it in, covered it with towels and heavy rug. Which apparently is the wrong thing to do! Why? Because the rotor blades might still work and that could be a painful mistake. Eventually I took it back outside because just the presence of it in the house was beyond disturbing.

AND it had two cameras plus GPS.

Just meditate on this and all the implications. At first you will scoff and say whats the big deal but if you really give it some thought you might change your mind. This really is the dawn of a new era and don’t kid yourself, big brother, brat, stalker, terrorist (?) is watching.