I am re-posting a little ditty I wrote a while back. Some of you avid Walter readers may recall it. It is a reminder. A wake up call to practice your yodel, or blinking of eye lids. To make your list of likes and dislikes. To sign the damn Advanced Directive/Power of Attorney For Health care now! And make sure nobody is rubbing strawberry lotion on your bod when you loathe the smell! I am constantly amazed at the denial of illness and death. What’s the big deal?


Walter Kitty's Diary

Recently I was having dinner with some beloved longtime neighbors and they told me that their family had a get together to discuss the parents Last Will & Testament, DNC (do not resuscitate) and all that jazz.

I know Death is a topic we American’s like to avoid like the plague (sorry) but I sort of feel the more we talk about it, the less frightening it is. Thankfully, some of us may go in our sleep, drop dead doing something we love or just go quietly and painlessly.  But for those of us who might have to linger on in a home, or our own home, in a vegetative state or with limited mobility, etc. the thought crossed my mind that a Last Will & Testament just isn’t enough info for the not-quite-dead yet.

If I had the tenacity to do so, I would make a documentary of my…

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