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A never-ending embrace  
Through time;
A gesture of camaraderie.

I saw the lines to your
Oxygen tank
But you stood tall like an oak
Or perhaps a great pine.

Why are you rattling your chains
Like Jacob Marley,
And whats with your friend

A movable chalkboard
Appeared on the front lawn
A large crowd jostled
Pushed to write words upon it
For you.

I reached between bodies
And underneath arms
To scrawl on the other side:

It’s one big circus out there
Isn’t it?
Everything we do
Our words,
Our actions,
Notions –
Everything a game of chance,
But don’t look down.

The ghosts of dead friends
Harangued me all night.
Scott Wannberg particularly insistent
On reminding me to write this down
Upon the opening of my eyes
Come morning.

We never touched in life,
But a hug from the astral plane
Is the same
Just as good
If not better.

Yesterday a day in New York
Was no different than
A day in Los Angeles
Circa 1989.

In a restaurant
The perfect playlist
Made by the bartender.

You used to make playlists
On tapes
For everyone
Deserves their own
Theme song.