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Okay I will be honest with you; the last movie I saw in a theater was Toy Story 3, before that I can’t remember…probably a kids movie with my niece and nephew who are 7 and 5. This kind of movie-going I can handle because I don’t really have any expectations of entertainment and so far the children’s movies have been far more entertaining.

A little late to the game, I saw Iron Man 2 last week on Netflix.  While I always like a little Clash in a soundtrack, the rest of that movie was so horrible I couldn’t get through half. Everything was overdone and beaten into the ground that I thought I was watching a foreign film and just didn’t understand it. The fight scenes were just stupid and can we talk about Robert Downey Jr for a moment? What happened to him? Dare I say I liked him more as a drug addicted actor? Sacrilege!  I happen to think he is a good actor but whatever is going on in his head is making him a big, old-fashioned, smoked, and sliced ham. Ham, ham, ham. Enough already.

As superheros go, when they are underplayed is when they are good – as far as I’m concerned. And most importantly superhero’s DON’T DYE THEIR HAIR.  It’s one thing to have to watch all these beautiful women on-screen ruin their looks with poisons and surgery but quite another when a man does it. Did Jon Favreau really think that it wouldn’t be cool if Tony Stark had grey hair or was that Downey’s demand? It was some un-natural color in Sherlock Holmes too. And how, HOW does one ruin Sherlock Holmes I ask you? One of the all time greatest characters in fiction – ruined. That movie was so vapid it made me mad.  I’m a bit of a purest when it comes to classic characters in fiction and there is room to mess around a bit with Holmes…but not change him ENTIRELY. How do these people get their power to make these “films”? Make one successful movie and are given carte blanche to do whatever they want? Why do we bow to Robert Downey Jr anyway?

I read The Dark Knight series as well as the Watchmen and as a chick I approve of the movies. The characters weren’t sullied by enormous, honey-glazed swine. Unknown actors were used as major characters and it worked. Famous actors were subdued and it worked. Hair color did not distract me from the plot.

A few years ago I saw John Cusack at a party. My friends and I thought he was handsome but could not deal with the dyed black hair. Was it for a part? Maybe. But every year since…the hair is black.  I haven’t seen him in a while so maybe he has gone au naturel but something tells me he hasn’t.  Nothing worse than a man coloring his hair. It was possible in the 80’s and that was it.

I want to see Cowboys vs Aliens because it sounds like it is up my alley, but I can’t fathom watching Indiana Jones looking whorey, if he has had work done to his face, is wearing that stupid earring or has dyed his hair. Hell, I could be way off base because maybe these people simply have bad hair stylists – but seriously they have enough clout to figure it out, don’t they?

Why can’t men just be MEN? For that matter, why can’t all humans just age gracefully?  Where is the shame in aging? I see only honor in those older and wiser and admire them for what they know, AND for how they look. I see their spirits, their hearts and souls, I see past what some find ugly.

Wrinkles, grey hair, aching bones- whatever- wear it proud!

Fighting age only makes you look older…and makes for a rotten movie.