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Recently I found myself using the old cliché of describing someone as a shooting star. I’m not prone to excessive clichés but use them from time to time. Using that particular cliché came from my unconscious or subconscious…or at least I wasn’t reaching for a way to describe someone who I am about to lose – it just came to me. He is about to depart this planet for the unknown or maybe he is going to share his wonderful soul in another universe. Who knows? I only know that I won’t see him again and it breaks my heart.

I know a lot of wonderful people. I know eccentric and loving people who drive me up the wall but I wouldn’t want my life without them in it.  This man has lived a long and wonderful life and has more fatherly qualities than most…and he doesn’t have children. He escaped the Eastern Block, has been married to the same amazing woman for 60 years, dresses impeccably, makes a mean martini, was still chopping down trees at 85 years old; and giving unconditional, loving advice until a week ago when illness got the better of him.

When I think of a shooting star I am immediately transported back in time to when I was just a child staring up at the Milky Way wishing I would see one of these seemingly illusive flashes in the sky. In Los Angeles there was a time you could see them but I’m afraid the city is so huge now that it is nearly impossible.

When I think of a shooting star it gives me hope, it makes me wonder, it fills me with an excitement which somehow makes me think I can do anything, endure anything or just let anything be. This is how this person made me feel.

Sometimes we just don’t get enough time with someone so special but I’m glad of the time I had.

Next time I order a martini, it will be a Tanqueray  10 for my pal.