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Brownpelican 300

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Todays sunrise I watch through the quiet leaves of a eucalyptus tree. I am high above the water like a cloud, but safely inside by the fire.

3 pelicans sit quietly below, not moving on the gentle tide. I wonder what their feet are doing. From where I sit they look like surfers but I probably need glasses. Far out to sea the color is that indescribable blue that is white, grey, dark and although flat, seems ominous in its power.  Closer in to shore the yellow of the dawn begins to wash over my pelican friends.

I find it funny how I am not interested in describing the sky, maybe because at the moment it seems to be doing nothing but wait for the sun, while the water gets the first glance or choice of todays color palette.

The leaves of these enormous trees are a rich, dark green but here and there ever so slightly turning orange, and now I see the pale yellow of the water begin to absorb the same.

Am I lucky enough to have just seen a dolphin? The beauty is ridiculous really. I turned off the news because a window is the best television ever, and there is no need to plug it in.

From where I sit the waves are less gentle now but still quietly moving in and out, and in the distance the darkness has not changed one bit.

3 pelicans become 8 and take off to the north. A breeze is picking up.

I am as ridiculously lucky as the beauty outside. Ridiculous is a great word, kind of like “hootenanny” it can have a few meanings. Like describing someone thusly: “He/she is so handsome/beautiful it is stupid.” Get it? I find it funny anyway.

There is a fly on the window sharing this view with me. (Sharing is caring.)