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Zoom and Bored

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For friends, relatives and workers out there in the wild: I am very observant.

I can see the ever-so-slight smirk, or lift of the eyebrow when I am shopping. I can feel your eyes scanning my attire. I can tell when someone is on the computer while on the phone with me (SO RUDE). I can see that you are not smiling while over the phone with me when you should be smiling because it is your job. I can sense insincerity in another’s voice. I can feel danger, and I can smell a lie. I can also smell garlic in yoga, so try not to eat so much of it before class.

Why has it become so hard for people to be kind, and considerate? I can come up with a million reasons for me to be an unholy bitch but I resist unless under the influence or in pain…but never in public.

Do you really think people aren’t watching YOU? I won’t even begin to rant about Iphones and Blackberry’s. What a travesty. Are you really so bored ,and such a Super Genius that you need to play a game by yourself whilst in the company of others? Did you not read the article stating that “multi-tasking” is NOT effective, that in fact it makes us less so? Tacky, tacky, tacky.

I know this will not change, it’s just that the frown over the phone hurts sometimes.

At the very least quit with the garlic before class. I beg of thee.