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Avoiding dumb dumbs in Hollywood
Sifting past tourists by the Beverly Hills Hotel
Dodging potholes by UCLA
Gunning it over the 405

I hear the tick tick tick
Of the motorcycles engine
Cooling on my driveway
As you take your helmet off you tell me
How many bugs you swallowed on Sunset Blvd

The rare quiet of the night
Helped you smell each neighborhood
As you headed to the coast
Pockets of hot
Then cool
Midnight air
The smell of horses
By Mandeville
Pockets of the sea
Then musty
Rustic Canyon
Up and out
To me

Your voice as you take your gloves off
The ticking engine
Of your heart
Next to me
To sleep

Motorcycle paraphernalia
Resting on the old red velvet chair
Like a Caravaggio
I can smell gasoline
Admire the grease
Under your nails

Tick tick tick
You slow
To sleep