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It seems that Hope is a word misused. Hope cannot come from one man or one woman. Hope comes from within, from strength and courage of your convictions.

We tend to believe when others tell us to hope but I think we are believing in that person, not in their words. Although it is good to be encouraged by others we tend to lose hope when they take that encouragement away.

I think people with no hope try to take it away from those that do. I mean when you are seriously grumpy don’t you just hate it when someone is upbeat and tells you to hope? What if people try to cheer you up but offer no hope? There is a difference.

So in this holiday season find your own hope. Reach down deeply, there must be a glimmer of who you once were or who you wanted to be. As long as it is a good thing, a kind and loving thing, then there is always hope.

Remember, contrary to popular belief, selfishness does not promote hope, especially the self-righteous kind. Being selfless, and acting through love (even if you think you can take no more) is always more rewarding than taking.

I’ve had my soul stripped bare lately – by people I loved and trusted – yet others have come to my aid and offered love and friendship just when I thought all hope was gone. There is goodness in this harsh world, we just have to work harder to find it.

Nobody can take hope away from you. Have a glorious and hopeful day.