And so another Halloween has passed! Our house and car were spared the humiliation of toilet paper and eggs. Apparently the local markets have been warned not to sell young people cartons of eggs. Wise decision.

There was a time that it was terrifying to be out past 7pm in my neighborhood. Gangs of marauding teens ran through the streets toilet papering and egging everything, and everybody in sight. But that was the only thing one had to fear. That and perhaps a balloon filled with Nair.

In short, I turned out the lights by 7:30. After a preteen asked if I had any bottled water and a 6-year-old grabbed 4 boxes of Milk Duds from my bowl, I had had enough. I admonished the suited fellow and he replied, “Well they are my favorite.” and he walked away.

I imagine he will be a very successful man.