English: Broadway north from 38th St., New Yor...

English: Broadway north from 38th St., New York City, showing Winter Garden, Maxine Elliott’s, Casino, and Knickerbocker Theatres (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now I want to shop

I want to go dancing
To forget my cares and woes
To shimmy
Like I did once
Not caring if life will be okay

Instead you clench your fists
Like a bad Broadway play
Actors playing earnest
Behind the eyes vacant

Is there nothing sacred anymore
Is there no gentleness
No romance
No care
No courage

Do what you like

You’ll do what you want

But for now I want to shop
Buy things I don’t want
Or need
Feed a famished soul
On silk, and shoes
Because these things
Make me feel whole
Yearned for
Made for

It’s not a nightmare

It’s a bad dream.

So bring on the baubles, bangles and beads.