What are you going to do with that fist?

Punch yourself in the heart?

Relax already.

Digging your nails into your palm

Like that

Is exhausting.

You really think you are free

When all is calm and bright?

That’s the only time?

Is it your thinking that has you


Good, bad or indifferent,

Gil said

“Thinking thinks it’s very important.”

So value the knowledge

But don’t cling to it.

Rub your body with Bounce


Understanding change,


Conversion –

Whatever your perspective –


Enables you to see clearly.

You’ve got the

Static cling blues

And it isn’t electric


A piece of me would die

Not to see a hummingbird

Or smell the sea

But the heart aches for many things.

Kiss your thoughts warmly

And let them go

So that your skirt

Won’t stick to

Your slip,

Nor your sock

To your pant leg.