Overwhelmed with worry by storm coverage and East Coast devastation, I changed the channel and began to look for Halloween movies. 3 weeks ago I was rewarded with The Mummy from 1932 (I like the first Brendan Fraser one too). Sure its a tad goofy but if you let go of your cynicism (yes, I can!) it is quite spooky and fun. If I hadn’t seen

English: A screenshot from The Mummy Italiano:...

English: A screenshot from The Mummy Italiano: Uno screensht da La mummia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hellraiser so often I would have watched that too. But tonight, one night before Halloween there is nothing on! Okay there is one Freddy Kruger sequel but that’s it? Hundreds of channels and that’s it! Is the English Patient considered scary?

Anyway I got to thinking about how nice it would be to sit by the fire and have someone read Edgar Allan Poe to me. There is nothing like having someone read to you. In some ways its like watching tv but its YOUR tv, YOUR head. Most imaginations are rusty these days I guess.

I tend to repeat myself and I apologize but Hurricane Sandy also got me thinking about one of my favorite rants. One of the many that my friends ignore with a brief glance around the room: our reliance on electricity.

It usually begins with a rant about ebooks…at least I think that is what they are called. I have a Kindle and rarely use it. I’m one of those idiots who likes to hold a real book. I know I can rely on it the way I can not rely on an electronic device, because (duh) when it runs out of juice I can’t read it. If my cell phone runs out of juice I still have a land line with a non-electric phone attached….so if the power is out but the phones are on, I can still call you.

I still find it hard to believe that there is an entire generation of people behind me that can not function without cable, video games, cell phones, Ipad’s, electronic cars, cars filled with computer chips, cars that are key-less. An entire generation who do not know how to fix or make anything unless it has something to do with a computer. I will admit to adhering to the dependence on electricity but yes, (yawn) I am one of those people who would be okay without it.

Would you? Can you make coffee without pressing a button? Can you cook eggs, take a shower, read, talk, listen to someone read, sing, dance etc., without the use of electricity? The east coast is being tested. California will be tested with the next rough earthquake as will most of the United States when the electricity goes out. And it will.

Just like we are all going to get sick and die…or just die – your hair might fall out, or a tooth…whatever- who you gonna call?

Eventually NOBODY because you probably don’t have a generator handy unless you live with these kind of disruptions regularly. How many people in Hollywood do you think have a generator handy? Most people will roll with it for the first few days because it will seem like a holiday, but the novelty will wear thin rather quickly. Anybody else read about the knuckleheads in Manhattan that couldn’t do without their Starbuck’s coffee during the storm?

After the last big quake in San Francisco my friends up there said that every neighborhood was helpful. Bars were open, candles lit, people cared for one another. But that was 1989. I didn’t even have a cell phone in 1989. Our reliance on electricity has made us dumb-dumb’s in my opinion. Less interesting, less romantic, less imaginative and creative. And even if we are more creative in technology we are certainly less self-reliant.

I am proud to say that I can handle a few tools. I can not light a fire with twigs but I know how to light a fire with matches and keep it going. I can make cowboy coffee, I can cook without a microwave, I can tell a long and stupid but entertaining story if you let me use different voices and perhaps pantomime a bit. My car still uses gas (sorry) and a key.

I guess I’m ready for the zombie apocalypse with the exception of that generator – and a gun – but we all know a gun is easy to come by, right? That or I will go to my neighbor and root through her canned goods.

Pioneer days here I come…