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I often use my dreams as inspiration for my poetry. I’m not exactly sure why, but it


Gumby (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

doesn’t really matter to me anyway…you are the ones who have to rummage around in it. With any luck I can piece things together from the images that roll through my brain as I sleep and they help me (maybe you?) resolve something in the heart.

And does anybody really know what time it is? Has anybody seen the bridge?


I suppose the debate on dreams will go on forever; do they have meaning or are they just electrical impulses crashing around? Recently I’ve dreamed about my mother and my grandmother a lot. Makes sense to me – since my mother is under the weather and I am concerned. My grandmother is long dead so maybe she is just checking in from my subconscious (unconscious) to make me feel better. Some might say she is visiting to guide my mother to the other side…!!

But what exactly were Gumby and The Kool Aid Man doing in my head the other night?

And they were TOGETHER – like friends or something. What the hell does that mean? Did I eat too much garlic? One too many gin & tonics? Could it have been the effect of the Motrin I took for my back? Was it that I watched The Ghost And Mr. Chicken and it made me regress to some happier days of yore? That last one can’t be true because the days of yore were hell…although perhaps the imagery of Gumby and Mr. KoolAid made those days less ugly…

Could Gumby represent the need to be flexible right now? He was an optimistic guy wasn’t he? Albeit a bit stupid, right? Didn’t Pokey have to get him out of every jam he was in? They always learned their lesson at the end.

And the Kool Aid dude? What could he possibly represent? We weren’t allowed to have it in our house unless it was smuggled in somehow, or drunk at a friend’s house. Maybe I’m to lay off the sugar for a while? Or perhaps I should not “drink the Kool Aid” (if you don’t know what that means, look up the Jonestown Massacre…or just look up Kool Aid) that someone is serving me? I read Tom Wolfe‘s Electric Kool Aid Acid Test when I was in high school…but now I’m getting into embarrassing territory.

Maybe the Kool Aid Man represented hostility! I mean why was he always crashing through the wall? He wasn’t a super hero. Ah, the 60’s…

What would a psychiatrist say? Well that would depend on what type of psychotherapy they practice. Maybe it was just meant to make me laugh. Because as I related this dream to a friend, I found myself laughing and slightly incredulous at the dream.

Last night I dream of a woman on fire (she survived without a burn on her) and making a somewhat incomplete apple pie. I like apple pie. I don’t much care for the woman who was burning. Look, she did it to herself okay? I was nowhere near her in the dream…but in reality yes, in my opinion, the woman is playing with fire – emotionally – with everyone, including her children. Not good.

Anyway, I’m going to the market today and heading straight to the produce section. Thanks for reading!

Addendum: Yes, yes I know it could mean I’m nuts.