jumpy castle jumpy castle
at brunch your engined roared
it is now mid evening
and i can’t take
hour after hour you burn
the screaming never-ending
what did my parents do without you?
what did theirs?
i never had one and i liked parties
where is the good humor man anyway?
why are ice-cream trucks so creepy now?
sure the little kids need to burn energy
burn, burn, burn
jumpy castle keeps the kids at bay
what about a relay race
or a tent
arts and crafts, papier-mache; making something to take home?
why does everyone need a gift bag?

i curse the jumpy castle
the generator run giant tarantula at halloween
the generator run snowman at christmas
the bunny rabbit at easter
things we used to make with our parents hands making magic
which made the experience last longer than one day

i am regressing
not handling progression

the jumpy castle burns and burns
the sun is long down
the children
still scream
thats all