I’ve never won many awards in my half-life; I got best costume once at a Halloween party but felt like I had cheated because I had professional makeup on, I won a gift certificate to a toy store in the 2nd grade but that’s not really an award is it? A little while ago another blogger nominated me for The Versatile Blogger Award and it made me feel pretty darn special. Even if only 10 people click on my link from someone else’s blog, hey, that’s like an award isn’t it? Or perhaps a reward (for me)?

John Clinock from Art Rat Cafe honored me with his nomination and I’ve copied the guidelines from his page – and yes, that is sort of cheating too – but I’d rather get to the blogs I want to suggest.  I’m not going to resort to my obsessive favorites like Tincup, and the Byronic Man. Those guys are super popular anyway…and probably really, really good-looking.

I found these blogs by randomly clicking on sites and finding a truth – which struck me immediately. These blogs seem to be coming from a very honest place – or they are just really good-looking people and great writers. You choose.

“With this award originating in Germany, the Liebster Blog Award recognizes fresh bloggers with less than 200 followers. By accepting the award, it would be nice for the blogger to:                      

1. Acknowledge the person that gave the award and link back to their blog.      

2. Copy and paste the award to your own site.                                                           

3. Share 5 of your choice blogs to award and let them know by commenting on their blog.”

Art Rat Cafe : Okay so I have to give Tincup credit for my finding John Clinock’s blog. Maybe it was the hat in his photo, perhaps he looked like a long lost friend from across many oceans; whatever the cause, I’m glad. Read “About Clinock” on his site and he will describe himself in a way I wish I could about myself as an artist. Actually I think I will just steal his words (and give credit) because he can say what I cannot; when speaking about art and all that entails. His work alone needs no words but what he does write simply adds to the experience. I travel where he travels. Thank you John.

thespiderfarmmanager : How could I not like this blog? The name alone begs to be investigated, and what I found was brilliant, heartfelt, intense poetry. This person doesn’t mess around and I appreciate it. How does one manage a spider?

Written Words Never Die : Eric Alagan is a writer living in Singapore, actually from what I can gather I think he is from there. Originally I stopped at his site because he was discussing some Catholic issues I identified with. Once I started reading his other posts I found a kind voice full of thoughtful passion. His reality couldn’t be more different from mine and yet I feel at home with his thoughts. Probably because of the voice he uses.

bestilandknow101 : I can’t remember how I found this site but this person gives short, concise, deep, profound, pretty words and photos…dare I say with a slightly Buddhist edge? Is it true, is it kind, is it helpful, is it timely… Yes.

Lower Dover Field Journal : As far as I can tell this is a lodge and perhaps a lab/university spot in Belize. I originally clicked on their site because of their bird photos so perhaps they are “birders”. Whatever it is they do, I love the photography and the enthusiasm in which they write. I feel like I would like to sit on a porch with them and drink rum, watching birds…or ant hills…or birds on ant hills. Perhaps one day I shall.

If you decide to accept this nomination (mission) it means that you have the award and that it would be thoughtful to continue the process of communication. If you’ve no time, are embarrassed, annoyed, hate my blog, or are just lazy, thats cool too. Just give a nod to the blogs you like. I thank you for being out there in the vast universe of creative minds, it’s been an amazing adventure for me to hear your voices.

PS. I have no idea how many followers these blogs have…but they could always have more.