Some of you have shown concern for my fractured paw, so I thought I would give you an update. Apparently what I had/have is called a “boxers break” or “boxers fracture”. Cast finally off after 4 weeks, I am now sporting a Hely & Weber TKO hand brace. Very sexy. But there are a few things I’ve learned while having a cast on my hand. Nothing groundbreaking, just a few thoughts I thought I would share.

Like for instance, having any body part restricted can slowly drive you insane if you allow it; or you can just become one with the restriction. I think that’s how I managed. Sure I had dreams of slipping it off like a glove but never thought of taking a saw to it like I’ve heard some do.  Apparently most men have broken their fingers, and hands and done nothing about it.  I learned this by having my male friends display their hands as if a badge of honor! Bent thumbs, bent pinkies and the like.  Seems to me you are just asking for arthritis  -but hey if it makes you feel more virile, have at it.

Having a cast on your hand can have other benefits besides healing the injury. My latest observation came when they took the cast off. I found my skin to be shriveled, pale, and disgusting. Before the doctor came in with my most recent x-ray results I tried washing my hands (delicately of course) and layers of skin began to peel away.

(on a side note, the “tech” or secretary? who put my TKO brace on was quite rough but seemed to know what she was doing. I mean who am I to doubt someone in a lab coat?  But by the time I got home and one shot of tequila later, I took the thing off and decided to look up the directions from the manufacturer online.  As I took the brace off I noticed it said on the inside lining: “right hand”.  My fractured paw was my LEFT! So I popped a Vicodin and went back, where the proper fellow promptly put the correct brace on my hand with a chuckle.  Lucky for them I have a sense of humor and was high. Lesson? ALWAYS GET A SECOND OPINION.)

My hand was nasty, and three days later it continued to be…

But, I noticed last evening that the hand newly released from its bondage looks a lot younger than the hand that has been free. Seriously, it’s like “before and after”, it’s Microderm abrasion for the hands without the chemicals!

My mother continues to remind me that nobody wants to hear about your injuries or your health problems. They may ask, but they don’t really want to hear. But I just can’t help myself. It’s not that I want the attention but when somebody asks me how I fractured my hand what am I going to say? I can’t tell them the truth so I tell them that I tried to punch my 78-year-old mother who is still recovering from a stroke.

I usually have to wait a beat or two, check for a look of fear, and then I tell them that she blocked my punch with her cane.

It’s been very frustrating not to be able to chop vegetables, write, cut my food at the dinner table, carry things, wash dishes (yes I like washing dishes); I can’t paint and driving my truck has been interesting. But I’ve nothing to complain about.

I really have to say that I admire those with greater difficulties, far worse injuries and how they overcome them. I think that the brain is such an underestimated, underused muscle. It can get us through the most difficult experiences whether physical, emotional, intellectual, etc., or all of the above combined. Will power.

Although my big dumb muscle can’t seem to get through some of the programs on the Science Channel but that’s okay. I will keep trying to use that big dumb muscle, try to have some kind of dignity as I age, and not be so angry about it. And wow are some people angry about the aging process.

If I’ve noticed one thing from having a few injuries, and hanging out with a lot of old people, you can’t fight it because it will make you angry. Aging is downright insulting at times but only if you let it. It will make you very, very angry but it doesn’t have to! Things that make us angry are usually kind of silly even when they’re horrible. We can’t fight everything in life, some things  – but not all.

On a lighter note (and just in time) I now have an iPhone. I’m part of the in crowd!

And although late to the game, I discovered Siri is a great tool when you’re one-handed and it’s difficult to write with the speed in which you are accustomed. So I’m actually dictating this! How I’m going to transfer to WordPress is going to be another issue altogether.

Dictation! It’s kind of strange to hear me speak – I don’t like hearing my voice; it’s nasal and has a California drawl to it, but perhaps I should get used to it by now?