Who me?

Accepting the Versatile Blogger Award graciously thrust upon me by Sir Tin Cup of Contemplating The Human Direction, initially scared me for I thought I might have to do the “post a day” thing or start posting recipes in order to be more versatile in my blog. Since I haven’t been blogging for very long I find it complementary to have mystery readers. I already am astounded that my friends read and hope dearly that I haven’t insulted anyone too much. I’m not sure how versatile I am but I am weird and proud of it. YOU bloggers I’ve listed below have probably been chosen before but if not, if you choose this mission, you are encouraged to list the blogs you enjoy reading and 7 unusual, random facts about yourself. There is no pressure to list my blog – I am just happy to pass the talking stick. Like Tin Cup I feel that I have listed my eccentricities (go blog go)…except for the fact that I love the accordion and it makes me cry. Also, though I do not consider myself terribly materialistic I do have an obsession for vintage (1960’s) Alfa Romeo‘s.

I do not know who has received this honor but I do know those that I follow and why. If they already claim this honor, well get thee pressed!

Again, like Tin Cup I enjoy Alternative Poet for the very statement that it is a site dedicated to a more forgiving kind of poetry, almost Franciscan in nature if you ask me. But don’t ask. AP is a kindred spirit to all. Read and be merry.  A gentle voice, graceful and full of bold restraint.

The Byronic Man is exciting and completely insane…in an educated, elegant, rowdy manner. I do believe he should run for some kind of public office…that is if he hasn’t already accepted his post in North Korea. I can always count on a smile when I read. This is (I feel) a like-minded spirit with a dark soul shining through fearless humor…bring your dancing shoes.

The Traveler Poems is a site I stumbled upon and am so pleased that I did. Touching, intimate, and concise, these poems speak to me and I can’t tell you why. I need a scotch first.  An unknown to me, philosophical and vulnerable but with a voice of great strength.

Winefoodcooking + artfilmphotography was found by following my incredibly talented, wild, brilliant, sensitive friend Yves Beauvais into the woods of the internet. If Yves is interested, I’m interested…unless it’s Bob Mould 😉 . This blog is for music people (true audiophiles) who like food and other things. I like how opinionated this S. Husky Höskulds is…probably because I agree with him.

I looked up XKV8R: The Official Blog of Dr. Robert Cargill after seeing him on the history channel and thinking he was cute and didn’t have crazy hair or strange outfits like most of the people on The History Channel. End of story…but I like blogs about religious study and archeology.

The Good Greatsby needs no solicitation for he has a smoking jacket that allows him into any home, any social circle, and any realm of our universe. He is a black hole! Beware!

Inside The Birdcage is delicate poetry…delicate and strong like a hummingbird. As far as I can tell this is an English woman, most likely living like me amongst peasants we treat as royalty. (oh don’t take me too seriously!)

Last but by no means least, Contemplating The Human Direction is a gift from the God’s. Sometimes I am acutely aware (when reading) that I am a dumb-dumb, and do not understand the philosophical goings on, but then a sentence or 2 will resonate, and I realize that although I do not speak the language, I understand it. Kind of like drinking in Mexico, the more tequila I drink the better I speak the language. Besides, I will do anything to be permitted to live in TC’s Utopian society. I might add that I believe we already know each other somehow, perhaps from a distant star or a prison cell of the Knights Templar. An educated, and sensitive human with a voice of yearning and an impish being about to be re-born.

I have discovered a wonderful land of human beings on Word Press: my people, your people…uh…PEOPLE. The human experience.

PS. Quoting Tin Cup I say:

“All folks listed above (if you feel like it) please confirm acceptance of the Versatile Blogger Award on this page in the comments section.  If I don’t hear from you in a few days then I will go to your site to let you know you won the award.  If you accept then you can follow the purpose of the award which I outlined above.  Congratulations!!!”

…And thank you.