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it is your birthday.

what does this mean to me?

nothing actually.

we don’t know each other


but if we did, what



do to celebrate?

would I cook for you or


for me?

would we dine out?

perhaps a quaint inn

up the coast?

perhaps nothing.

maybe you will go to the desert

alone to pass

the time


i am good with that.

a book

a bottle

a painting

a caress

whatever you want.

but i don’t know you

so i can’t give it.

but i would.

i’d stoke the fire

cook your favorite meal

play your favorite album

on your favorite

record player.

i’d do the dishes

wash your car

walk the dog

unplug the phone

drive without speaking.

you’d have a massage

by my own strong hands

a poem, a song

a blanket or

fresh air.

this i would do

if i knew you.

i would make you laugh