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If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a thousand times from East Coasters, “Los Angeles doesn’t have seasons.” Well that just isn’t true.

Sure our seasons don’t beat you over the head like a winter in New York because they are subtle. The temperatures drop but not so far that you can not move your fingers, unless of course you live in Big Bear or anywhere in the Sierras.

Even our summer takes its time getting here. We like (on the coast) to start with the June marine layer that becomes so oppressive you actually consider going over the hill to the valley to see the sun. July flirts with you and usually you won’t really feel summer until August – and then she is gone. But this morning, I smell Fall. There is a chill in the air and the sky has a different hue to it.

It is something in the air; a tiny nuance, a smell, a breeze and perhaps the arrival of the Orb spider. Otherwise known as your garden variety, uh, garden spider. The Orb can be big, fat and orange (kind and non-toxic). One can’t walk through the garden or down a path without being blanketed in one of their webs. My advice is to let someone walk ahead of you or walk with your hand outward in a Karate chop stance. Sure it looks funny but better that then getting a mouth full of web and constantly trying to look over your shoulder to see if someone has hitched a ride. Spooky.

Anyway, I smell Fall. I can see it too. I feel sort of giddy about it. But first we will have to endure the Santa Ana winds to remind us that we live in fire country. Californian’s have to earn our next season like everyone else. If we can get through September and October without a major fire we can relax a bit and actually see the leaves change color. Yes our leaves do that too! We just aren’t as garish about it.