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When I was in art school I suffered the slings and arrows of obnoxious wanna be’s and all kinds of stupid art school shenanigans but none so offensive as a fellow student trying to convince the class that Lincoln was gay.

Yes, American President Abraham Lincoln. Take a moment and re-group.

There was another jackass who did an impromptu “follow the leader” through the school as a performance piece, ending with him jumping off the roof, onto a tree and safely to the ground. When he did it again for film he missed the tree, fell at least 30 feet to the concrete below breaking both wrists and merely denting his ego. Yet another student had his class go to the front of the school. While they waited, a car came speeding around the corner and began shooting (blanks) at the unsuspecting class. This was his performance piece but he neglected to tell anyone what he was doing. (I would have sued.) Yay for art school!

Have you calmed down yet? I know it isn’t even worth discussing but sometimes people are just asking for it. It is a sure sign of lack of education if you are misinterpreting the letters between educated men from the 1800’s. Not to say that there wasn’t homosexuality back in the day but saying that this particular man was gay because you thought his letters “mushy”…well?

There must have been some stupidhead on television feeding this kid that knowledge but I love how every once and a while popular culture decides someone is gay. Honestly who cares if anyone is gay anymore? I suppose if you want to date someone and a friend tells you that they prefer their own sex, that info could come in handy but hey, maybe your friend wants to date that person too? Hmm?

I’m guessing the confident and vulnerable writings of educated men from 200 years ago can be threatening to a dumb, heterosexual man but I find that terribly sad. The letters between the brave Peter Stuyvesant and his friend John Farret have been interpreted by some to have homosexual overtones but isn’t everything open to interpretation when you are guessing and not going on fact? Misinterpreting words spoken between merchant marines from the 1600’s, one could assume EVERYONE was gay.

People (those that could write) used to speak a more flowery language to each other because they were educated and there was no shame in expressing the love of a friend. If I go out with a gal pal and hold her hand for even a moment, I will be thought a lesbian. Same goes for cutting my beautiful mahogany locks into a bob.

It’s the old “fear” thing again isn’t it? If you are different in any way, you are scary! Boo! Yet at art school everyone was trying so hard to be different they all seemed the same to me.

When will we actually evolve? Can someone let me know so that I am packed? I don’t want to miss the train, boat, horse, bike, buggy, submarine, chariot, super shuttle…