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Surfing La courbe, charente

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What do you do when you are on a holiday and why can’t you do it at home?  I’m not suggesting the installment of a zip line in your back yard or getting so sun burned you can’t sit down, but why not forget your troubles when on your home turf?

The weekends are supposed to be when we take a break from the workweek and rest, but we all know that never happens. Usually our weekends are taken up by obligations such as errand’s, gardening, housework, children’s birthday parties, weddings, deaths and the all around have-to’s.  Before you know it, it’s Monday and you are at your desk, post, computer, etc., and you’ve nothing to show for your time off.  Sure you can come back to work a bit more rested but you don’t have that light in your eye like you do when back from a great vacation.

My water buddy and I have decided that at least one day a week (yes a week) we are going to act as though we are on vacation in the South of France.  Get the picture? It doesn’t have to be Europe per se but if we can afford it we will eat a nice meal, laugh and pretend we’ve nothing to do for another 2 weeks but eat, frolic and rest.  Since we have embarked on the practice of surfing (which is free after purchase of board), this is how we spend our summer vacation.  Of course being in the water is quite rejuvenating in itself and the years shed away as you emerge from the water, so why not follow it up with a good meal, some laughs and a nap?

What are your real obligations and what are the ones that you have taken on but are not truly imperative? Vacations don’t really have to cost anything because it is a state of mind. You don’t even have to leave the house for a vacation. Just sit down and take the time to forget all that terrifies you, weighs you down and ages you. I’m not saying chuck your responsibilities as a decent human being but I am suggesting you take responsibility for your own well-being too.

It can be a day or it can be an hour but in order for the magic of vacation to work you really have to pretend you just got on the plane, buckled up, heard the roar of the engines, felt the pressure of takeoff as though it were a massage, and that you are as free as a bird.  Once back at home with the bills piled up, kids screaming, etc., you will still have that glorious moment to think about to get you through the day but you will also have the knowledge that this kind of freedom is coming again and sooner than usual.

Vacation is a state of mind and it’s your choice. Use your imagination.