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NYC signing September 1,2009 Nintendo Store - NYC

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I can weave Henry Rollins name into every single one of my postings no matter the topic, and I can (sort of) prove it.

Being relatively new to the world of blogging I’m still learning what the info on my “dashboard” means.  I can see how many hits I’ve had a day, how many have come from other links, and on a more interesting note, I can see how people landed on my blog via the info they have requested elsewhere. Such as:

Henry Rollins gay

Henry Rollins married

Henry Rollins girlfriend (ladies please)

Harry Rollins (my favorite)

Henry Rollins Top Ten

Henry Rollins 50

It’s so weird. I had no idea (dummy) what a hot topic this guy would be. He is right up there with menopause – and I’m not kidding. Although menopause got one big fat day and Rollins gets consistent hits, almost every single day (how do you climb a mountain?).  I’m getting tired of this guys mug, no matter how handsome he is. He is everywhere.

Or is it that I am such a cave dweller that I had no idea how popular he was? If I wrote about Tom Brady it would make sense but why is Rollins such a magnet? I’ve covered the fact that he is a looker but I’m wondering if there isn’t a Trump quality about him that people seem to like, that and the fact that Gen X‘ers are “adults” now and he’s their spokesman. He’s witty, says what is on his mind, doesn’t give a damn what you think, spends his free time doing good for others and keeps people wildly curious about him by having a private life nobody can figure out…unless you are part of that groovy music scene from the 80’s.  No, not the New Wave stuff. He’s a Punk rock combo of Robert Benchley, Donald Trump and Bob Hope. Benchley was very Punk if you ask me.

I just compared Henry Rollins to Donald Trump, did you notice? The gall!

I wrote a silly note to Charles Krauthammer but he barely gets a nod (hit)? How is that? Henry is a smart dude, but Charles is brilliant –  no matter your political persuasion. I suppose Charles has a face that doesn’t rate in the Golden Ratio, and maybe Henry’s does? Again, I don’t know and I really don’t care that much. I just find it interesting how this guy is everywhere now. The L.A. Weekly I understand, but Vanity Fair? Come on, you have to think it funny that Mr. Anti-Establishment writes for a magazine that has Justin Beiber on the cover, no? If I see Mr. Rollins at their Oscar party I’m going to have a field day. What’s next Hank? American Idol? People’s Sexiest Man Alive? The sky’s the limit!

Somehow I’m reminded of when Nick Cave (Nick Cave & Charles Krauthammer are in my Golden Ratio) was asked to appear in a Gap ad. Generation X was so pissed off, and I sort of understood why; but on the other hand, whats so great about starving? Nick may have needed the cash and it could have brought a certain amount of elan to an otherwise forgotten clothing line. Oooh t-shirts and jeans are cool, so is Ed Ruscha and his hot son with dreadlocks (boo)! Henry did do a Gap ad and yes, people got mad, but now he is a tv star so what does it matter? By the way, does anyone else think Jim Carrey changes his appearance to look like Henry from time to time? I could swear there was a Vanity Fair picture of him once where he was Rollin’s doppelganger.

I know, I know, tangent time. Look, I may just have to prove to you people that I can write something and somehow put Henry Rollins in every posting. Think about it: diet, exercise, politics, sex, music, love, musical history (any history for that matter), gay marriage, beauty, gardening? But do I really want to? It just means more cash in his hot, nomadic hand.

Oh well, someone has to make a living, but don’t get me started on my feeling that something is just slightly askew with MOCA’s current show on “street” artists. Hellooooo Basquiat, Haring, Frank’s Depression Poetry!!?

“This is what you want, this is what you get, this is what you want, this is what you get…”

There is so much I don’t understand about life.

I feel dirty. Nick please wash it all away…