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Addicted to Love (song)

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These days I write more than I paint. Most likely due to a few factors: the studio floods when it rains, it’s cold out there, some carpenter ants rented it for Spring Break, and I need glasses.  Writing I can do anywhere; and it seems I do.  Whilst clearing out my phone of text messages, I checked out the “draft” section and found a little ditty I wrote while sitting in a waiting area for something. Phones are handy in waiting situations – for writing, not talking. This little maudlin piece below was what I found:

I’m at odds with the universe today, potholes everywhere, user error blinking. The firing squad is leading me to a wall but decided a blindfold was too good. Instead they closed their eyes and began to shoot willy-nilly like those guitar-wielding chicks from the Robert Palmer video, Addicted To Love. I can’t believe that guy is dead. It seems a lot of famous dudes from the 80’s have popped off. Too much cocaine I imagine. I saw Palmer once at a club in Paris (Le Bain Douche); he was a handsome fellow, but sort of short. I saw Bryan Ferry at the same club, neither were performing, they were just drinking with their entourage(s).

As for Spring Cleaning; I’m in the process of ridding myself of emotional dross, I’ve cleaned the studio, got rid of flying ants (nuked them with incense), prepared toxins for new work and went to the eye doc for glasses. Of course the forecast calls for rain…

Some favorite photos:

Gardiner's Bay Winter

Gardiner's Bay Sunrise

Sag Harbor 4th Of July

Surfers Healing Topanga, CA

Good Friend Surfing San'O

My Garden

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